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2004 Postcard from Greece

We very much enjoy having visitors on our boat. The whole pattern of life changes. It is a small space to live in with other people but we have never yet had visitors whom we were pleased to see go. Merril and Roger have been friends from our youth and have sailed with us over the years frequently. They joined us in Kos on 29 July. There was an immediate crisis as the airline had lost Merril's bag. We made enquires and waited an extra day in the hope that it would turn up but without joy. So off we went, Merril togged out in my clothes. Our plan was to sail around the northern islands of the Dodecanese. Our route took us from Kos to Pothia, Kalimnos; Port Lakki, Leros; Lipso; Patmos; Port Augusta, Arki and then back south down the eastern side of the chain to Pandeli, Leros; Vathi, Kalimnos and Kos marina.

It never ceases to amaze us how each place we visit is so completely different from any other and how each has even a different feel. These islands proved this yet again. The winds were fairly strong from the north when we set off so our early trips were not the most pleasant. However the islands are not very far apart so each hop was never too long despite the prevailing wind against us. Of course coming back south to Kos down wind was very pleasant although the breeze had died down a bit by then.

Happily Merril got her bag back in time for our celebratory meal on the last night.

Here are just a few photos of these lovely islands.

Boats at Lipso

Boats to be proud of at Lipso

To prove we were in  Greece

Just Greece

The monastery St John the Divine, Patmos

The monastery of St John the Divine at Patmos


Patmos from the monastery



Vathi on Kalimnos

Vathi, Kalimnos