JJ Moon


 The Voyage
    The Decision!
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The Decision

Like Arthur Ransome's heroes we didn't really mean to do it. We have been together for 15 years but have always told ourselves that we were not the sort of people who would ever want to sail round the world. We were enjoying our Mediterranean cruising. We loved Turkey, the Turkish people, the friends we had made both on land and on boats and enjoyed bumping into them throughout the season. We loved the Greek islands and knew there was so much more to enjoy and plenty of other cruising grounds yet to explore. We wanted to continue this life but there was a challenge out there and a question that had to be faced: did we want to venture further? Time was passing, we were getting older and we had to make up our minds once and for all. We gave ourselves the summer of 2005 to think about it, acknowledged the fun we were already having, the vast scope of the eastern Mediterranean and decided that that was all we needed. Then, in October, we joined a small cruise in company organised by the Cruising Association and the Little Ship Club. We met three couples who were just completing circumnavigations, were captivated by their stories and inspired by their examples. We changed our minds.

In 2006 we returned to JJ Moon in Kemer, sailed slowly to Spain and returned to England and France for two months to let our houses and put our affairs in order.

Not part of the decision but adding to the anticipated sense of adventure is the possibility of our friends Sue and Chris joining us on the Atlantic crossing and if all goes well (we all agree we need to keep a finger on the pulse) continue with us as far as New Zealand.

So now we are off.